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What is Proof of Delivery Software? Why is it important?

A challenge that closed delivery companies often come across is making sure the driver has delivered the parcel to the receiver and that package has been received. Being certain over this matter is necessary for either of the service provider and sender of the package. This process is called POD and is done by proof of delivery software.

In this article, we are going to take into consideration various aspects of proof of delivery, and how this essential process is done using technology and software.

In the past, the POD procedure was in form of a signature on the delivery paper. In some countries, this method is still being used by many companies. In the following article, we will discuss different ways of POD as well as having a brief look at new innovations during the Covid19 pandemic with regard to proof of delivery.

Proof of Delivery Software Options

Photo (taken by the driver): it could be of the house number, the receiver holding the parcel, the parcel contract at the door of the receiver, etc…

Digital signature: receiver would sign the application on the driver’s phone. This is a modern replacement for classic documentation.

Delivery code (SMS / Email): through this method, a message containing the delivery code will be sent to the receiver. He/she will be required to give the code (usually 4-5 digits) to the driver who then makes sure of the delivery of the right package to the right person. It’s worth noting that the driver does not have the code beforehand. As soon as the code is entered, it will be checked by the server and the driver will be informed of the correct delivery.

Proof of Delivery Software and Covid19

A number of proof of delivery methods that are custom, such as cellphone signature, increase the transmission risk of the virus. This is because the phone is touched by numerous customers. As a result, nowadays contactless pod is common.

In this method, a link is sent to the receiver by SMS. By clicking and opening the web link, receivers are able to register their signature by their own cellphone. So when the driver delivers the parcel to the customer, without any further communication, the customer signs the related page, and the driver will be informed

Optional or compulsory feature of POD

Depending on company policies, rules, and type of parcel in transmission, the driver may or may not need to receive the POD. The matter of security is another reason for a compulsory POD. Many criminals transfer drugs using delivery platforms. Therefore, the police in many countries (e.g. Singapore) obliges all delivery companies, and their drivers, to take a photo of the receiver and save it in the order’s history.  A good POD app must make it possible for companies to apply this type of control over POD at any time if necessary


In this brief article, we had a review on proof of delivery and attempted to provide you with useful information. Onro software offers all the above features for your corporation. If you are looking for a complete courier software , by filling out the form below, get our software demo for free.

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