Courier Management System: Development And Costs

How much does developing a courier management system cost, how long does it take, and what are the steps?

It is possible to utilize many different alternatives when developing a courier management system and integrating it into an organization’s internal processes.

Choosing Pre-made Solution

It is an option to examine if you prefer to utilize the software part of a software suite. Many things must be considered when looking for a solution, but we will not go through them in this post. We’ve covered it in another article here .

Developing from Scratch

This post will cover how to design a courier management system, along with the resources required and the production costs.

This article is based on our experiences in developing Onro as a courier management system .

Parts of A Courier Management System

To begin with, you should understand what a courier system comprises and its main components. Developing each part requires a different level of knowledge and skills.

Accordingly, the couriers’ primary components are as follows:

  1. Driver Apps (Android & iOS)
  2. Dispatcher
  3. Admin panel
  4. Customer Apps (Android, iOS, Web)

Courier Management System Development Process

To fully understand the process of software development, we need to look at the following steps:

Requirement Analysis: How does the company operate internally? What software characteristics are necessary to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these processes? Who will use this program, and what features are needed? What kind of data is required? Answering these questions forms the basis of developing a courier management system.

Design: Following the determination of requirements, the software’s numerous pages will need to be designed. The UI/UX design shows the final appearance of the software as well as the graphics.

Implementation: groups of developers are responsible for developing software at this stage. The work is conducted professionally and features retrieved during the requirements analysis step, and graphic details gathered during the design phase are programmed here.

Testing and Production: Once the first version is implemented, it must be tested internally. After a sufficient number of tests have been completed and are successful, a customer can put the program into production and use it in real life.

Once the software is first released and used, it requires ongoing development and maintenance since it is subject to new requirements and bugs that the technical team must oversee and manage. If you want more information about software development process, see this article .

A Development Team Required

A team of technical professionals from many domains is required to develop this software. The following specialties should be represented on this squad.

  • Develop APIs with the help of a backend developer.
  • A backend developer is needed to create an admin dashboard.
  • To generate the dispatcher, you’ll need a frontend developer.
  • A frontend developer to work on the front end of a web application for a customer.
  • At least one Android developer is required to develop Android driver and client applications.
  • At least one iOS developer is needed to develop driver and iOS client applications.
  • A UI/UX designer
  • A product manager to manage the team

The courier management software must be designed by a team of software developers with at least eight members. The group requires leadership, and a suitable product takes at least two years to develop.

Development Time

The design of a comprehensive courier management system requires more than two years since there are seven software components, each of which must address all of the features and requirements of the delivery industry. Over these two years, the application has been in development from scratch, beginning with requirements analysis and progressing to the first stage of development, which includes publishing and testing in the production environment.

Afterward, the developer’s technical team should continue to support and develop the entire system. Whenever we invest time and money in a project, there is always a chance the outcome will be different from what we expected.

Development Costs

Programmers and developers are paid differently by each country, and their salaries vary widely. Developer salaries in most countries are high. The cost of developing a courier management system in the USA, for instance, is approximately $1.2M , based on the wages and insurance costs of eight developers for two years at an average annual salary of $71K each. In addition to these expenses, overhead expenditures must also be considered.

Important technical points in development

When the software is used in the real world, things that appear hidden at first glance will be discovered. We refer to them in this section.

Battery consumption of the application : Drivers who use the driving software for 10 hours a day should consider battery consumption. Location and data usage are two factors that contribute to battery consumption.

Tracking accuracy: The impact of this situation on the customer experience is substantial and optimal, yet accurate tracking is a critical feature of any courier management system.

Map cost management: Map services are not free and are expensive for enterprises. For reduced map costs, the courier management system should control the number of requests it makes for maps and, if possible, reduce the number of maps it requests.

High load tolerance: There can be 50,000 orders per day in a courier business, which necessitates high load tolerance. Infrastructure is crucial for the software to function correctly and smoothly.

Security : There is always a safety concern when creating a courier management system since hackers are constantly looking for information theft or harm to online systems. Security standards must be considered when building a courier management system.

Design and graphics: The design and visuals of the patrol obfuscate the existence of the patrol. Users will not want to use even the best software in terms of technology if it lacks an attractive and inviting visual design.

The Bottom Line

As different people use courier management systems for other jobs, it is a complex product. This article covered three main topics: development, time, and cost.

If you are planning to develop a courier management system, we suggest that you check the Onro demo before starting the development process. To receive the demo, enter your information in the form below.

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